Return to Wholeness Journey

2 weeks to release the outdated stories that have kept you living your life for others' expectations, so that you can access your inherent wholeness, own all parts of yourself, and create the life you deeply desire.

March 22nd-April 4th

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This journey is for you if:

  • You’re constantly running your beliefs, actions, looks, and basically everything about you through the lens of other people’s expectations of you.
  • You often feel worried about not measuring up and are constantly seeking validation through social media praise, finding that next training, or going on that new diet.
  • You feel immense pressure to be the “good girl” so you hold your tongue, compromise on your boundaries, and let others make decisions for you.
  • Your spirituality feels stuck in rigid rules, performance, fear of punishment, and ultimately is unfulfilling.
  • Your body feels like your enemy; something that is keeping you from the life, love, and visibility you desire.
  • Your emotions feel scary and overwhelming and you’d rather numb than let them move through you.
  • You feel like you’re performing your sexuality or even as though you’re completely disconnected from it.

Beautiful human, there is hope beyond all of these outdated stories that are ruling your life.

Join The Journey!

It is possible to reclaim and redeem these parts so that you can:

  • Prioritize your own voice, truth, and values above people pleasing.
  • Live from a place of inherent wholeness so that any new training, teacher, relationship, self-care is an enhancement to your wholeness, not something to “fix you.”
  • Move beyond “good girl” programming so you can live as the grown-ass woman you are; speaking your truth, honoring your boundaries, and making self-guided decisions.
  • Embody a spirituality that embraces your divinity and your humanity; that explores magic and mystery, always leading you back to you.
  • Get to know your body as your original life partner, the human being that you are experiencing this gift of life through.
  • Complete the cycle of your emotions with grace and compassion.
  • Allow your sexuality to be a conduit for deeper intimacy with yourself and your partners.

Sound too good to be true?

It’s not...

what's the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

that since day one. she's already had everything she needs within herself. it's the world that convinced her she did not.

-Rupi Kaur

The Return to Wholeness Journey is here to be your guide back to knowing the undeniable truth that you are and always have been whole and complete just as you are.

This journey is a FREE experience that is being hosted by me, Holly Toronto, in conjunction with my podcast launch.

Return to Wholeness the podcast is offering a unique opportunity beyond the passive, one-time listening experience of most podcasts through the accompanying Return to Wholeness Journey.

This journey exists to create an intentional space for you to explore the core themes of the podcast, wholeness, self-ownership, and full expression through a powerful FREE journaling guide and private Facebook Community.

Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for the journey, you will receive my FREE journaling guide. This guide will help you uncover what areas of your life are being driven by fragmentation (aka-someone else’s/society’s expectations) and what is possible when you begin to live from a place of wholeness (aka- operating from a place of self ownership, expressing the truth of who you are).

Then, over the course of 2 weeks, you will listen to 4 powerful podcast episodes and use your journaling guide to explore how the topic relates to your life and experience.

You’ll also be added to a private Facebook group where there will be discussion threads, Q+A’s with me and I’ll be offering my behind-the-scenes thoughts on each episode.

If you show up to listen to the episodes, do the journaling guide and a couple of other easy, yet powerful action steps, you’ll be eligible for some really exciting prizes.

Simply sign up below and you'll get access to your journaling guide right away!

Client Love:

I had a lot of social anxiety due to self-worth issues, which Holly helped me with. When I started to believe I was worthy, and embody my true self, all of a sudden it felt good to just be ME during social interactions. All of a sudden I could enjoy situations, work events, engage with new people, networking events, and stand with my head up high. I started to really embrace the small quirks that once I had tried to push away. I began to dress more in alignment with my true self. I found myself embracing my true self and identity.

- Alia

OMGosh, so grateful for my relationship with YOU and how YOU have impacted my growth as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and as a human being!! The work you do IS completely transformative WHEN we are willing to DO THE WORK it takes to make it a reality within our own lives instead of sitting on the sidelines wishing we could "be like you!". . . .consider this my testimony for this work with YOU - I thank GOD for YOU every single day for teaching me "How to be FREE to be ME" and no longer live like a servant by "pleasing others and gaining their approval" in order for me to feel WORTHY as a human.

- Alicia

Before working with Holly I felt held back in most areas of my life. In just two months of working with Holly, I have found a place of true alignment within myself and with Holly's guidance, I have broken free of the beliefs that have held me back the most. For the first time in a long time, or maybe ever, I feel safe in living my truth and comfortable in my skin in every sense of the term.

- Katelyn

Holly’s coaching has been about so much more than healing my relationship with food and my body, it has truly transferred into every area of my life. Through creating a deeper understanding of myself and Holly’s support to let go of the beliefs that have held me back I have been able to find freedom in all areas of life. I can’t thank Holly enough for her patience, non-judgemental, calm, and flexible coaching style which allowed me to open up and let myself be vulnerable in times of discomfort. I couldn’t recommend Holly highly enough as a coach and I will always be grateful for her coaching and friendship. Let’s just say I am different without trying to be different or necessarily knowing what’s changed… If you take the opportunity to work with Holly you will understand what I mean.

- Sarah

I LOVE coaching with Holly and look forward to it every week. I had been on my intuitive eating and body acceptance journey on my own for a year when I decided to work with her 1:1 & I can honestly say that I’m 10 sessions in and have had more breakthroughs with Holly's coaching than in the past year on my own!! Holly is so great about showing me my blind spots and doing so in such a compassionate way. Don’t think twice about working with her! She is the best of the best!


In 6 weeks Holly empowered me to create a new relationship with my body, food, appearance, and self-worth using coaching tools and exercises. I now feel present and alive in my day-to-day life with freedom from the overwhelming and all-consuming thoughts about my weight, body, appearance, and food. Holly helps women live their happiest, most present lives completely unapologetically in the beautiful bodies they were born with. It was an honor working with Holly, I highly recommend coaching with Holly for anyone struggling with body image, relationship with food, and overall feelings of "not enough-ness" and the "I'll be happy when". Thank you, Holly!


Who is Holly Toronto:

Holly Toronto is a Certified Master Level Coach who has 5 years of experience helping women stop prioritizing other people’s expectations of beauty, belief or behavior so that they can live their life from a place of Wholeness, fully aligned with the truth of who they are.

She uses an intuitive and spiritual approach that is constantly guiding her clients back to themselves, helping them fall in love with their own, unique and powerful voice, build partnership with their wise and beautiful bodies and embody a spirituality that guides and directs the bold lives they desire to live.

Holly also is the co-creator of 2 group coaching programs with her business partner, Julie Ohlemacher. Homecoming helps women make peace with their bodies and food so that they can play big in their lives. Anti Diet Health Coach Camp is a training program for wellness professionals that want to use the principles of Intuitive Eating with their clients, while they help them build body image resilience.