Feminine Freedom Coaching Experience

A high level coaching container for the woman who is ready to release outdated stories that have kept her stuck playing the good girl and abdicating her power so that she can activate her voice, cultivate unwavering self trust, access her intuition and create her life, work and relationships on her terms.

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Tell me if any of this resonates with you, my love...

💔You find yourself struggling to access your voice in situations where you perceive someone holds more power than you, you have an alternative perspective to the group or you’re not confident in your ideas. Saying "no," "I disagree" or "that doesn't work for me" fills you with dread and anxiety

💔You are often praised for your hard work and dedication to your career and goals, but all of that hustling for approval has left you feeling resentful, drained and deep down you know you’re meant to be doing something more with your time

💔You're lacking healthy boundaries; saying yes when you really mean no, exhausting yourself in the pursuit of making other's lives easier and feeling like it's a "fight" to get your needs met

💔You feel overly responsible for other people's feelings and experiences, causing you to self silence, walk on egg shells or diminish your own feelings in order to protect them

💔You struggle to identify, claim and ask for what you REALLY want for your life because on some level you worry you're haven't earned it or you're not worthy of it

💔You're constantly questioning your "enoughness" - Do I know enough? Am I attractive and thin enough? Am I successful enough?

💔You only allow yourself to experience rest, pleasure and enjoyment in life if you feel like you’ve truly earned it

💔You view your body and physical attractiveness through the lens of society’s unrealistic expectations of beauty and this often leaves you feeling less than

💔You feel spiritually constipated, like you take in tons of positive, affirming information but you haven’t been able to translate that into a life of joy, satisfaction, connection and service and on some level, you feel like you’re undeserving of the life you deeply desire

If this is you, pause, breath and practice compassion.

You are so not alone.

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I’m able to articulate these experiences so clearly because this was me for the vast majority of my life.

Being the “good girl” is how I won love and approval.

Fragmentation is how I ensured belonging in communities that couldn’t love me in my messy, human wholeness.

Playing small was how I steadied myself, too afraid to own my bigness and unleash what I’m capable of.

These strategies played a valuable role in my life (as most do)...until they couldn’t anymore.

And if you’re reading this, something tells me you’re in a similar place.

Where you’re starting to recognize that the false certainty you receive from continuing to play out these roles and strategies are becoming way less important than the risk of allowing yourself to activate, own and express the fullness of who you are.

There is no place so awake and alive as the edge of becoming. But more than that, birthing the kind of woman who can authentically say, 'My soul is my own,' and then embody it in her life, her spirituality, and her community is worth the risk and hardship."

-Sue Monk Kidd

It’s time for you to begin to own your Feminine Freedom. That innate intelligence that has been alive in you since the moment of your conception.

Really stop and imagine for a moment that:

🌕You’re able to share your beliefs and unpopular opinions (even if your voice shakes the whole time), because you know your voice is valuable

🌕You’re no longer pedestalizing other people or seeking to be put on a pedestal yourself, because applause and vanity metrics don’t decide your worth (or anyone else’s)

🌕Hustle and burnout are no longer viable strategies for you to create the work, business and abundance you desire because you’re leaning into feminine flow while putting your energy towards aligned work, not hard work.

🌕You’re able to look in the mirror with love and approval of yourself because you’re no longer giving your power away to toxic beauty narratives and the pursuit of thinness

🌕You’ve become the granter of your own sexuality, sensuality and pleasure, and are able to ask for what feels good from partners or discover what feels good on your own

🌕You’re fully owning your yes and your no, holding other people as powerful and capable of managing their own feelings as you prioritize yourself 

🌕You’re tuned into your intuition and fully trusting of yourself to take action towards creating the life you know you’re deserving of

🌕You’re no longer waiting for some arbitrary time in the future to feel joy, satisfaction and connection and you’re calling those qualities daily into your existence 

🌕You have an intimate relationship with Spirit, one of trust, co creation and faith in all of the goodness that is meant for you

The Feminine Freedom Coaching Experience guides you to become so deeply rooted in your Self that nothing and no one can separate YOU FROM YOU.

Where you’re living, thriving and creating from a place of wholeness, fully aligned with the truth of who you are.

The first step is to grant yourself permission, love.

Here is your invitation.

This is a unique, curated and high level coaching experience that includes both private coaching with me where you get access to my 5+ years of transformational coaching experience PLUS monthly group New Moon Rituals with other women who are also stepping into their feminine freedom.

Private coaching means that our sessions will be tailored to you and your individual needs, however we’ll be using my SACRED framework to guide our work together:

Sacred Framework

Self: You’ll work on defining the truth of your Self, not who others or society expects you to be or look like. We’ll create appreciation for your humanity so that you can experience love, compassion and grace for yourself and your body.

Awareness: You’ll uncover the thoughts, beliefs and programming that are holding you back from owning your Feminine Freedom.

Community: We’ll gather monthly for a New Moon Ceremony that I host exclusively for my private clients and have the opportunity to meet other women who are living from their Feminine Freedom.

Ritual: You’ll receive monthly exercises and rituals to take your work deeper.

Embodiment: You’ll embody your Feminine Freedom through empowered action and start living, wholly, as a sovereign being who belongs to herself.

Divinity: You’ll connect to your higher power through the mystery and magic of your body, owning that you are both human and divine while you co-create with Spirit the life you deeply desire.

Here's How It Works...

You and I will start with a 6 month commitment to working together in this high level coaching container. After that 6 months is complete, you'll have the option to continue month to month.

The Program Includes:
🌙 2, 50 minute private coaching calls per month
🌙 1, 75 minute group New Moon Ceremony per month
🌙 Email access to me between sessions
🌙 A monthly embodiment exercise or meditation exclusively for private clients
🌙 A quarterly guest expert to help take your work deeper

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Your Investment

$797 per month

That’s your investment per month for our 6 month commitment.

(I also offer different payment plan options, such as breaking the payments down to weekly or biweekly - just inquire if that feels like a better option for you)

Want more time with me? You'll have the option to continue month to month after our we conclude our initial 6 months.

Ready to apply? Click below to fill out the application - this will help you get even more clear on your desires for our work together.

After I receive and review your application, I will reach out to set up a 30 minute clarity call and get you enrolled if we both feel working together is the right fit.

Here’s to YOU, powerful woman.

Client Love:

I had a lot of social anxiety due to self-worth issues, which Holly helped me with. When I started to believe I was worthy, and embody my true self, all of a sudden it felt good to just be ME during social interactions. All of a sudden I could enjoy situations, work events, engage with new people, networking events, and stand with my head up high. I started to really embrace the small quirks that once I had tried to push away. I began to dress more in alignment with my true self. I found myself embracing my true self and identity.

- Alia

OMGosh, so grateful for my relationship with YOU and how YOU have impacted my growth as a woman, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and as a human being!! The work you do IS completely transformative WHEN we are willing to DO THE WORK it takes to make it a reality within our own lives instead of sitting on the sidelines wishing we could "be like you!". . . .consider this my testimony for this work with YOU - I thank GOD for YOU every single day for teaching me "How to be FREE to be ME" and no longer live like a servant by "pleasing others and gaining their approval" in order for me to feel WORTHY as a human.

- Alicia

Before working with Holly I felt held back in most areas of my life. In just two months of working with Holly, I have found a place of true alignment within myself and with Holly's guidance, I have broken free of the beliefs that have held me back the most. For the first time in a long time, or maybe ever, I feel safe in living my truth and comfortable in my skin in every sense of the term.

- Katelyn

Holly’s coaching has been about so much more than healing my relationship with food and my body, it has truly transferred into every area of my life. Through creating a deeper understanding of myself and Holly’s support to let go of the beliefs that have held me back I have been able to find freedom in all areas of life. I can’t thank Holly enough for her patience, non-judgemental, calm, and flexible coaching style which allowed me to open up and let myself be vulnerable in times of discomfort. I couldn’t recommend Holly highly enough as a coach and I will always be grateful for her coaching and friendship. Let’s just say I am different without trying to be different or necessarily knowing what’s changed… If you take the opportunity to work with Holly you will understand what I mean.

- Sarah

I LOVE coaching with Holly and look forward to it every week. I had been on my intuitive eating and body acceptance journey on my own for a year when I decided to work with her 1:1 & I can honestly say that I’m 10 sessions in and have had more breakthroughs with Holly's coaching than in the past year on my own!! Holly is so great about showing me my blind spots and doing so in such a compassionate way. Don’t think twice about working with her! She is the best of the best!


In 6 weeks Holly empowered me to create a new relationship with my body, food, appearance, and self-worth using coaching tools and exercises. I now feel present and alive in my day-to-day life with freedom from the overwhelming and all-consuming thoughts about my weight, body, appearance, and food. Holly helps women live their happiest, most present lives completely unapologetically in the beautiful bodies they were born with. It was an honor working with Holly, I highly recommend coaching with Holly for anyone struggling with body image, relationship with food, and overall feelings of "not enough-ness" and the "I'll be happy when". Thank you, Holly!


Working with Holly has been eye opening on so many levels; body image, body respect and overall self worth. She is the 1st coach I have worked with and the experience has been beyond my expectations. I learned about her work through a wellness podcast and am so grateful to have freedom from Diet Culture. Freedom from Diet Culture has meant more time and space for me to focus on my career, relationships and interests. Her approach is very empathetic and empowering. My experience working with her has made me a better Therapist as I feel like I can show up for my client more.


My work with Holly was focused on body image.
What I liked most about working with Holly was that she met me in every session exactly where I was. Yes our focus was on Body Image, but often our exploration led to deeper negative beliefs and fears that I had which affected the way I saw my body and the that way I nourished (or didn't nourish) it.
I recommend Holly as a Coach because she is REAL. She is laser focused on her clients and shares enough about herself to build confidence and trust in the belief that she has my best interests in mind. She is compassionate, and will also call your bluff. That's a perfect combination.


​​My group coaching session was just what I needed to reset my cyclical, negative thoughts about food choices and body image. Holly helped me to understand the underlying issues that were causing my negative habits and gave me simple steps to start reframing and rethinking my relationship to food and my body. She's a great listener, very understanding and present during all sessions, and she really makes you feel like you're on a journey together.​


Who is Holly Toronto:

Holly Toronto is a Certified Master Level Coach who has 5 years of experience helping women stop prioritizing other people’s expectations of beauty, belief or behavior so that they can live their life from a place of Wholeness, fully aligned with the truth of who they are.

She uses an intuitive and spiritual approach that is constantly guiding her clients back to themselves, helping them fall in love with their own, unique and powerful voice, build partnership with their wise and beautiful bodies and embody a spirituality that guides and directs the bold lives they desire to live.

Holly also is the co-creator of 2 group coaching programs with her business partner, Julie Ohlemacher. Homecoming helps women make peace with their bodies and food so that they can play big in their lives. Anti Diet Health Coach Camp is a training program for wellness professionals that want to use the principles of Intuitive Eating with their clients, while they help them build body image resilience.